To seek perfection of character!
To be sincere and honest!
To show strong spirit!
To practice courtesy!
To control bad temper!

The Dojo Kun above was created because of the magnitude and potential power being taught, and dangers inherent in this martial art. Most people understand these five principles to a point.

However, we all must eventually deal with our personal self, our ever-present ego. This can affect you in a number of ways. It can restrict and curtail your growth in karate as well as any other field or endeavor. It can also alienate you from your fellow students. But worst of all, it can discourage students who really need the martial arts to truly develop their own confidence and growth in karate. In addition, people can get hurt unnecessarily. Therefore, we all must be on guard for that ever present foe, our ego.

It boils down to the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It is important to respect your fellow student whatever his/her rank. This also applies to lower belts as well as higher belts. Never think you are better than any higher belt. Such negative thinking is a double-edged sword. Your ego is in control and you could be wrong. Remember, humility is essential to good practice. The best one can do is train as hard as you can, be cautious, and follow the precepts of the Dojo Kun.

— Robert Fusaro, 8th Dan Midwest Karate Association of Minneapolis, Minnesota